UX/UI Design • Illustration • Graphic Design

Hand Lettering

Texas Aggie

The initial sketch for the cover. The client decided to eliminate some information and include some new content in addition to wanting to incorporate the shape of Texas in one of the stats. 

The final approved sketch

Learning from previous experience, I used a mechanical chalk pencil that was actually meant to be used for tailoring clothes. The finer point of the pencil allowed me to illustrate much faster and with more detail and definition. 



Hand lettering and design for a content marketing publication. Since it was a book excerpt about an intangible idea, I was inspired to create a type illustration. I was especially interested in the work of Jessica Hische at the time (and still am). This piece marked the beginning of my work in hand lettering and type illustration.


Texas Heritage for Living

An early foray into type illustration came about after my art director asked if I could do a chalk illustration for a college-related story in Texas Heritage for Living, a publication provided to the customers of Texas Farm Bureau Insurance. I had zero experience with this medium in illustration, but nonetheless was thrilled to be able to do it. I used standard chalkboard chalk to sketch out and fill in the illustrations and lettering, and went back with a wet rag and Q-tips to clean up the design and incorporate more refined detail.